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one chibi slot
(literature, chibi, anime, scene illustrations, reference sheets)

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Terms of Service as of August 19th, 2014


To FreedomO! little bird, have you come to join me
As I weave the melody of my soul?
Each arpeggio sweeps me to countless New Worlds at once
Each crisp trill links to my back New Wings, pair by pair
Our song of passion, crystalline and clear
    Unheeded, naïve, so pristine and pure
Which even iron whips and steel rods cannot break
As long as our hearts and souls soar free,
    Just as you and your wings
May our minor scale be the only dark scale
    And the only dark stairs we must climb!
May our minor cadence be the only cruel cadence
    And the only cruel bars we must find!
Let us sing, then, 'til
The heavy footsteps of reality or sleep
Tread upon our graceful fantasies;
Until then, let us sing! --- a thousand years to this freedom
Liberty, long live and prosper.

   Musings of the Losti.
Pearly wisps and smoky vapor
Tea leaves, chipped like shredded paper
(Vanilla dreams burn 'pon the taper
    joined up in a scarlet caper)
Those mountain peaks there
A billion running steps
Away, seem all the
Same to me: a monotone
Sound wave draping dappled sky.
Here it rains
    a chilly rain
(a perpetual nuclear winter-storm
    of vapor tears and thunder songs)
Here echo dreams of utter death
    the silent spectral symphonies
ingrained ink and starry breath
    all blind and specious euphonies
Here is where it rains.
At the source of the river
Was a single forgotten seed
Greedy for protection and water
(It sought life
    Not knowing better)
So the gentle spring rain burrowed it into the chunky soil, and
Soon later it stretched its newfound, fragile limbs
Greedy for clear skies and sunlight
(It sought sympathy
    Not knowing better)
So the clouds obliged and dispersed
   CM - VixenoflightThe crows outside hiccupped their hoarse syllables to the dawn. The alarm clock inside warbled equally hoarsely, as if desperately mimicking the creatures outside.
Under swaths of blankets, the Woman floated up and out of sleep – slowly, slowly; her eyes were blurred and not yet awake. Her pale, slender fingers scrabbled for the alarm; finally, the long search concluded as a lucky poke silenced the sounds inside the house. There was a moment of quiet nothing when the Woman seemed to sink down again into her pillow and her dreams.
”Uugh!” Blankets were tossed aside as the Woman heaved herself up, staggered to the window, and jostled the glass pane lightly shut.
But it was already too late. The crows had won again – they had gotten her out of bed. A good thing too: It was 7:32 AM (the alarm had been set for 7:30), and work started at 8:00. Groaning and shoving her night-tussled hair aside, the Woman changed into the day’s clothes

- 50 points
PROSE - 125 points

The length of poetry will vary depending on the theme, but you may place specifications. Prose will be 500-700 words long (the length of a short story or one-shot) unless I get carried away and write more, which will be at no extra cost to you.


(choose your own price)
TR - KageRaine by KittykatMWuster  CM - PortableToaster by KittykatMWuster
- 75 points and up
background/accessories + 15 points and up
additional characters + 30 points and up

(applies to both styles 1 and 2)

Only complex scenery backgrounds will be charged extra. Chibi characters will always be drawn as full body (unless you specify otherwise). Please make sure to specify your preferred style and how much you're willing to pay~


TR - secondJax by KittykatMWuster PKMNO SS - Mootastic-Moo by KittykatMWuster
- 100 points
FULL BODY - 170 points
background/accessories + 30 points
additional characters + 50 points each


Wishing Willow by KittykatMWuster  CONT - BBlueBBullet by KittykatMWuster
SCENE PAINTING - 150-250 points
REFERENCE SHEET - 200 points

Reference sheets will only be for single characters and includes a regular full-body, a chibi, a color palette, and basic character information.

Please send me a note with your ideas~ After we get something figured out, please pay using the Donation Widget to the left. Many thanks <3

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